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PayPunch is a biometric time clock and attendance tracking system
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PayPunch is a multi-functional utility with time and attendance-tracking capability working with a Biometric device.
Old and manual attendance and time-tracking ways are tedious and time consuming. With the help of this multi-user and multi-functional time and attendance-tracking device you can easily keep track of: Employee start and stop work times, Absences, Tardiness, Overtime, Holidays and Vacations.
This application is a real-time help for: administrators, managers, supervisors, and anyone who needs to set up, manage, or monitor time and attendance.

Initially after launching PayPunch you get the main window with several sections. These window sections alter according to the user needs and preferences. The various tasks that can be performed with this application are: add, edit or delete companies and departments; add, edit, delete, place or sort employees; create, edit, delete or assign shifts and exceptions; register employee’s attendance, create reports and so on.
This amazing application supports a multi-user interface that assists you in adding, editing, deleting users, and the database option where you can create a database path and also update the database. PayPunch supports different languages that include: English, Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Surendra Keshav
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  • Supports English, Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese languages
  • This is a multi-user and multi-functional time and attendance tracking device
  • Very handy to set up, manage, or monitor time and attendance


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